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Becoming a "More Perfect Union"

Happy Independence Day! I've talked about a number of challenging issues on the DrUrbanPolicy blog: decreasing housing affordability , the need for better policies on infrastructure , gentrification and segregation , the need to plan better for our future , political corruption , the problems we face from lazy legislation and gerrymandered districts and more.  A discussion of policy change usually often means discussing problems - if there was no problem, there would be no need for policy to address it. Some may think about the challenges and be down on America - I opened the Washington Post this morning to read an article from a Canadian historian who gave his perspective that the American Revolution was a failure . This week's overthrow of the Egyptian government and the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg are reminders of how unstable government can be. A century and a half ago, the country was torn in two, and Egypt's military just dissolved their