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Reflections on A Transit-Oriented Hospital

Note: Before reading this, go back and read "A Transit-Oriented Hospital as a Community Anchor." These are my reflections on that piece. The public hearing on the Prince George's Hospital Center was last night. Reports are that the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex was packed, with about 200 residents in the overflow area, and there was a great deal of vocal support for the Largo site. Earlier that day, county officials posted official maps of the four prospective sites online ( the County press release with a link to maps is here ). Notably, the two inside-the beltway sites (Morgan Boulevard and Landover Mall) include existing residential areas, while the two outside-the-beltway sites (Woodmore Towne Centre and Largo Town Center) do not, although the Woodmore location does include a large, active church. Now that maps are released, property owners and residents can see who might be affected. The view from the Largo Town Center Metro Entr