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Assault on the Capitol - This Cannot Stand

There are certain events that become burned in our memories for a lifetime.  These may be the untimely death of a loved one or a famous person for whom we felt a connection, or one that provides sudden confirmation of something that we hoped for or feared.  These are the "nothing will ever be the same" events.  January 6, 2021 is already one of those days after which things will never be the same.  New facts will continue to come out, but this much is clear:   the Capitol of the United States was attacked by those who were attempting to disrupt Congress from certifying votes of the Electoral College.  Federal legislators were forced to temporarily suspend their duties under threat of imminent physical harm, the home of our first branch of government was defaced, and people died .     While it is difficult to get into all of the causes, warning signs, and individuals who are responsible without getting into the politics of the moment, those facts seem clear. A complete list of