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Integration: end goal or strategy?

I saw an article in the Washington Post a few weeks ago titled " Pr. George's: Growing, and growing more segregated ."  It is the latest example of journalists and others struggling with how to understand and interpret segregation. Prince George's County, MD is known for having an African American majority and large black middle class. What makes it interesting is that it's black population is growing not because of white flight (although that has some impact).  The much larger factor is the influx of middle class African Americans outside the beltway, and lower-income African Americans in many inner-beltway communities.   A few years ago, my doctoral dissertation explored why African Americans who have choices would move to majority black neighborhoods in Prince Georges and not choose to move elsewhere (for example, more integrated neighborhoods in Montgomery).  To do this, I interviewed 50 middle-class African Americans in a wide range of neighborhood

Solutions Forum

I'll be moderating a panel of policymakers and practitioners at the AARP Public Policy Institute Solutions Forum on December 8th, and there will be a Livable Communities Networking Reception after. The forum will promote the paper “Aging in Place: A State Survey of Livability Policies and Practices,” published jointly by the AARP Public Policy Institute and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). Please sign up and come to the discussion and/or reception if you can get to DC in the afternoon and work on Housing, Transportation, or Land Use issues.  There will also be a webcast and you can find information on the event sign-in page.  Reserve your spot at the Solutions Forum! By the way, you can see AARP Public Policy Institute reports and sign up for news alerts at   

Welcome to DrUrbanPolicy!

On this blog, I will discuss policy issues and items of interest to those working on urban policy and planning issues.  I plan to touch on Housing, Transportation, Land Use, Economic Development, and other issues.  I am a senior policy advisor for housing issues at a major nonprofit organization in Washington, DC, so I will touch on national issues of significance and maybe a local issue or two along the way. Enjoy!