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The Wilson Bridge and Lessons for Infrastructure Investments

The "new" Woodrow Wilson Bridge project on I-495 (completed in 2008) is an example of a major infrastructure project that fixed problems of the present (capacity and age issues of a relatively low drawbridge on a major highway connection between Ma ryland and Virginia) and added improvements for the future.

Infrastructure and "Age-Proofing" - What Does Preparing for Aging Mean?

As you know, I have a special place in my heart for bringing multiple topics together. Soon after I wrote "Can We Do More Than One Thing at a Time?," the AARP team was contacted by Emily Badger of Atlantic Cities to talk about aging and what that meant for cities. She later wrote an article tying together infrastructure concerns and aging issues, "The Next Big Infrastructure Crisis? Age-Proofing Our Streets " on the Atlantic Cities site.  That piece was the most popular article on their site for a day or two, and at this point, it has about 900 likes, shares and +1s on social media, including a couple from me. I'm quoted in her article: "'Whenever I talk about our policy prescriptions," says Rodney Harrell, a senior policy adviser for housing with the AARP Public Policy Institute , "I say, 'we're going to help you do now what you're going to be forced to do then.' Because you're not going to be able to hide when